Visual identity for


Through their practice as chiropractors, the three female founders of Bekken & Barn saw the need for a product that could support mothers and their babies throughout pregnancy and maternity. The idea was to make a pillow that had many similarities with the classic maternity pillow, but which would appeal to a broader target group because of its design and multifunctionality. The pillow needed a modern and clean product identity with a corresponding web site.


The work was carried out in close collaboration with K8 industrial design and Bekken & Barn, who were in the process of finalizing the pillow. We started out by clarifying the feelings and associations we wanted the product to create among it’s users: relaxed and mindful, naturally Scandinavian and yet with a quirky twist. In the chosen design, these elements are represented by soft textile colours in contrast to the vibrant identity colour, a crisp image style and a somewhat peculiar symbol accompanied by a pattern made up of distinctive icons. The label on the pillow and the silicon rings for attaching the cover, are two things that stands out visually, with its strong neon colour.