Wayfinding System for Westerdals

Design: Marius Holtmon, Mette Landsem & Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen
Executed by: Marius Holtmon & Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen
Client: Westerdals

Thanks to Vesma Kontere McQuillan and Erik Tanberg who acted as mentors to our design team throughout the process of this project.

Westerdals is one of the leading communication schools in Norway, ranked as one of the top ten creative schools in the world. The new building, drawn by Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter (KJARK), is situated at Vulkan in Oslo, an old industrial area. It was nominated for both the Statens Byggskikkpris and Oslo City Architecture Award 2012.

The building is charaterized by it´s industrial and rough expression, which became a importaint factor in the design process. By using the buildings existing surroundings and surfaces, the design maintaines the roughness and industrial touch of the building. The wayfinding unites the identity of Westerdals with the architecture of the new building, by using elements from the schools identity, together with the colors used in the buildings.