Visual identity and brand photography for Arbeidstilsynet

Design: Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen
Creative director: Svein Haakon Lia
Project manager: Marie Steen
Client: Arbeidstilsynet
Year: 2016
Made at Bleed

Arbeidstilsynet is a government agency whose main task is to supervise and guide the Working Environment Act. Through supervision and guidance, the goal is to help ensure that Norwegian businesses prevents disease and injury in the workplace. Labour Inspection performs seminars, supervision and training, to maintain a healthy work environment.

Todays visual identity lacks focus on the role of advisor and counseling. The profile underpins mainly supervisory role, and appears heavy, strict and outdated. Also the universal design requirements are not maintained when it comes to color use and parent elements.

Arbeidstilsynet wanted to revise and further develop their current profile to the conception according to the vision, as well as providing a much stronger signal that the Arbeidstilsynet has an important guiding role. The visual identity focuses on competence and dialogues relating to the supervision and guidance Arbeidstilsynet together with employers and on behalf of employees.