Norwegian Snowboard Awards


Client: Snowboardforbundet / Year: 2011
Made in collaboration with Ole Martin Volle, Natasha B. Lid and Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen.

Norwegian Snowboard Awards (NSA) is a tribute to the Norwegian snowboarders and the support teams that have distinguished themselves during the last year. It is also an acknowledgement to the snowboard community, the people and the culture. NSA celebrates the love for sideways riding on snow. 

We have created a Norse inspired typeface for the logo to express the Norwegian heritage and nature. We have combined this with elements such as cubes and 3D-layered pictures to make the profile more experimental and daring, as well as providing the profile with a modern look. The colours are inspired by anaglyphic imagery. The project consisted of visual identity, invites, animations, web-banners, roll-ups, backdrop, presentation, speech cards, stage decor, trophy and rostrum.