Visual identity for OFG

Designer: Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen
Creative director: Svein Haakon Lia
Project manager: Marie Steen
Client: Opplysningskontoret for frukt og grønt
Year: 2016
Made at Bleed

Opplysningskontoret for frukt og grønt is Norway's public information office for fruit and vegetables, and is working to increase consumption of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes in Norway, and to inspire people to healthy living.

Challenge: Opplysningskontoret for frukt og grønt (Norwegian fruit and vegetable marketing board) is working to increase consumption of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes in Norway, along with inspiring people to healthy living, and needed to revitalize their interactive services and visual communication in order to facilitate positive transformations. 

The main assignment for developing the visual identity was to create a fresh, modern and vibrant visual language, which could communicate both information and inspiration in a competent and exciting way.

For the interactive service, the aim has been to create the main hub for recipes and knowledge, giving people facts, receipts and inspiration, making it easy and attractive to use more fruit and vegetables in their everyday life. 



The concept is inspired by coloring the meal of the Norwegian people! 
The logo reflects upon the knowledge OFG possesses around fruit and vegetables, from nutrient to cooking, and our everyday and festive meal, and sends a clear signal that OFG is a serious and important player. The logo functions as a quality statement, and as a graphic system, framing the information and the knowledge provided and communicated by OFG, and is "quality assuring" the content. 

The concept “Colouring peoples’ meals!” are strongly communicated in the identity illustrations. Simple illustrations of fruit, vegetable, berries and nuts are fragmented into abstract illustrations to create a solid, playful and holistic expression throughout all communication surfaces, which also creates a strong recognition of the brand.

The interactive service forms a flexible and subtle system around the colorful images of meals, desserts and fresh produce. The site aims to boost peoples’ creativity in the kitchen and help people create smart habits. The site is organized around meals, situations, ingredients and seasons. The solid metadata system makes it possible for the editorial staff to constantly keep the site fresh and relevant following seasons, weather, traditions and other relevant happenings composing the perfect inspiration based on the large database of more than 4000 receipts, ingredients and cooking tips.



The project resulted in a fresh and modern visual identity that makes OFG stand out as a serious, but also playful, organisation that now communicate in a holistic manner, on every communication surface.