Visual identity for Vaudeville

Design: Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen
Creative director: Dag Solhaug Laska
Brand photography: Isabel Watson
Client: Vaudeville Jeans
Year: 2016
Made at Bleed

Vaudeville is a young, modern and forward-leaning jeans brand that takes care of the origin of denim culture and has a strong focus on quality.

Challenge: In a jungle of existing fashion and jeans brands, it can be difficult to stand out and establish yourself as a distinctive and different way. The task was then to create a forward-looking visual identity and brand images (by looking back on history), which communicates the current jeans collection, but that can also grow with future collections launched by Vaudeville.

Solution: With inspiration from the travelling-theatre (Vaudeville) in the 1700s, we have created a visual identity that is inspired by the lifestyle of being in relaxed motion. These thoughts are reflected through a dimmed, but flexible logo. The visual identity is stripped of frills and appear as a natural extension of the jeans, and consists mainly of a logo, a grayscale colour palette and strong brands images that communicate and invites into a balanced life "On the Go”.



The result was a modest, but visually recognizable visual identity, which is also carried forward by strong brand images. Vaudeville is now a brand “On the Go”, and on their way into stores around the country, as the high quality jeans brand they are.