Wayfinding system for Mediateket

Design: Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen, Mette Landsem & Marius Holtmon
Year: 2012
Client: Westerdals

Mediateket is the media library at Westerdals School of Communication. It`s a site for collecting research and inspiration, and contains books, films and magazines that emphasizes disciplines taught at the school. We were given the task to design a signage system that made it easier for students to navigate and find what they were looking for in the library, aswell as it gives the space decoration and identity.
The goal was to create a system, complementing the environment, without overwhelming the architecture. Hence the use of the original windows and floors as a canvas for the signage system.

We created a typeface where the letters and numbers are united with shadows, making it a functional and aesthetic system to use in the wayfinding. The shadows are a metaphor for the relationship between the library and the student. The input/output of inspiration and creation.